If the availability you're setting up is virtual, we recommend using a recurring meeting link to use in all the availabilities that you create. That way a new meeting does not need to be created for each availability. Please see the following steps on how to create that recuring meeting link that can be re-used for all of your personal availabilities in Impact Feedback.

Setting Up a Recurring Zoom Meeting Link

In the following steps, be sure you're using your organizations official Zoom account. For more information on logging into your official account, please contact your organization's IT department. 

  1. Log into your Zoom account in a web page. 
    • This can be done by going to the Zoom sign in webpage of your organization. If you're unsure of how to find this, open the link below and click on the SSO sign in option. Please contact your IT Help Desk if you need assistance with this.
    •  If you are already logged into your official Zoom account on your computer's Zoom application, you can sign in to the webpage by clicking on the profile icon in your Zoom window (a) and then clicking My Profile (b). Then sign in on the page that opens. 
  2. Once signed into your official Zoom account in a webpage, click on Meetings (a) and then click Schedule a Meeting (b). Note that this page may look slightly different for your organization but the steps should remain the same.
  3. In the 'Schedule Meeting' window that opens, enter a name for this reoccurring meeting (a) and check the 'Recurring meeting' checkbox (b). Finally, select the No Fixed Time option in the drop down menu for the 'Recurrence' type (c). Please be sure to select these options as these are necessary to make this link a recurring link that will work within Impact.
  4. Continue setting up the meeting options as you see fit and then click the Save button (c). We recommend the following settings if possible:
    • Use the Generate Automatically Meeting ID option (a) so as not to share your Personal Meeting ID with students.
    • Use the Waiting Room option (b) but not the passcode option. This keeps the length of your meeting link more manageable but still allows you to admit only those who should be joining the meeting.
  5. The 'Manage' window for this new meeting will open. Copy the Invite Link by selecting ALL of the link text (shown below) and pressing Ctrl + C on a PC or Cmd + C on a Mac. Note: Don't click the 'Copy Invitation' option as that will copy ALL of the meeting information and not just the meeting link which is what is needed here.
  6. Finally, paste this recurring Zoom link into the URL field in your Impact availability. This can be done by clicking the Virtual Event checkbox (a) and then clicking into the URL field that appears (b). Click Ctrl + V on a PC or Cmd + V on a Mac to paste the copied link into that URL field. 
  7. Complete setting up the availability (be sure to add this URL to any additional class type options you will be offering in this availability) and then click SAVE. 
  8. To find this recurring meeting link in the future, return to the Meetings page in your Zoom account in a webpage, as described in step 2 above. Click on the recurring meeting that you have saved and repeat steps 5-7 to add it to additional availability.

Note: Deleting this recurring meeting within Zoom will NOT notify Impact Feedback cases that have registered for an availability that is associated with this link. In order for students to be notified that you will not be meeting with them, they need to be removed from the session in Impact.