Text items are pieces of content in Impact that do not contain interactive options (like a survey question) or dynamic results (like a report chart). These text items are used in several locations in Impact: Message Templates, Surveys and Reports. Editing these items will be the same regardless of where it is located but the saving/publishing aspect will be different.

Editing a Text Item

  1. Navigate to the text item you would like to edit. 
  2. Click the vertical ellipse in the top right corner of the text item. Note: If this ellipse is not visible, your user role has been restricted from editing content. Please contact your organization's main Org Admin to expand your role's permissions. 
  3. Click Edit Item to enter the editing mode of the item (the outline of the item will turn blue). To exit this mode without making changes, click the fuchsia icon in the top right corner.  
  4. Make edit to the text like in a standard text editor. To make formatting changes, highlight the text you'd like to update and then select the formatting option along the top of the editing window. 
  5. Additional content can be added to a text item:
    1. Add a hyperlink that can open in a new window.
    2. Insert a picture from your computer or from a URL.
    3. Embed a YouTube or Vimeo video.
    4. Add an icon.
    5. Insert a data token that can insert a range of case, survey and/or class information.
    6. Apply conditional show logic.
    7. Insert a customizable table. 
  6. Once edits have been completed on the text item, click the blue save checkmark in the top right hand corner. 
  7. The location of this text item determines the final step:
    1. In a Survey: To save these changes (and any other you've made) to this survey, click the pink SAVE button located along the top or right of the survey content.  This will preserve these changes if you leave the survey designer. To make these changes appear in a live survey session, this saved version of the survey will need to be published. Please see our article on Publishing & Versioning
    2. In a Report: The same final SAVE step is required to preserve this change as in the Survey instructions above and publishing will be needed for these changes to be reflected in a populated report.
    3. In a Message Template: To save these changes (and any other you've made) to this template, click the pink SAVE button located along the top or right of the message content, as shown above. This templates does not need to be published, these saved changes will be reflected automatically in email notifications.