A QR code can be scanned using a smartphone to open and begin a survey. These codes can be downloaded and printed out for physical use or embedded into a website or presentation.


Note: QR codes will be most useful for Anonymous (non-invitation) surveys as there is no invitation code that needs to be used to begin the survey and associate the results with a case record. See more on Anonymous vs. Invitation-Only surveys in the 'Managing Access' section of our solution article here.

How to Download a Survey's QR Code

Please view introduction of the short video below for a demonstration on how access and download the QR code for a survey which can then be printed for scanning. Continue viewing the video to learn how to optionally create multiple unique QR codes for one survey that have identifying information, like a specific location on campus or date that a campaign was started. This identifying information will then be listed in the data set for everyone that completes the survey using that unique QR code.