Videos from Youtube and Vimeo can be inserted into the text content of any survey, feedback report or message template in your organization.

How to Embed a Video

Please see the short video above for detailed walk through on how to insert a video into a survey.  The process will be identical to adding a video into a feedback report and very similar to adding it into a message template. See an outline of these steps below:

  1. Navigate to the survey, report or message template that you would like to insert a video into. For more information on how to locate these please view our solutions articles on Surveys, Reports and Message Templates
  2. Once on the Summary overview of your desired survey/report/template, click on the Content tab found along the top.
  3. Since videos need to be inserted into text content, you can edit an existing Text/HTML item or add a new one by clicking the + New Content button.
  4. Edit the text item by clicking the vertical ellipse in the corner of the item and click Edit Item. If it's a new text item, remove or replace the example text in the item.
  5. Move your cursor to where you'd like to insert the video and then click the video icon Insert Video along the top of the text editor which opens the Insert Video window.
  6. Copy the link to the Youtube or Vimeo video you would like to insert and paste it into the URL field in this window. You can also adjust the following aspects of your video by expanding the Options section:
    • Size: 'Auto' will fill the space available and 'Fixed' will allow you to specify its dimensions.
    • Start time: Define the time that the video will begin playing at if it should be something besides the beginning.
    • Auto play: Determine if the video should begin automatically when the survey/report is opened.
  7. Once done making edits to the video, click Save in the Edit Video window and then click the blue check mark in the top right corner of the text item. When you're done making changes to the rest of your survey/report/template, save a finalized version of it by clicking the pink Save button. Don't forget this step or all your changes will be lost if you close the window.
  8. Surveys & reports only: To make your changes go live for students/cases, be sure to publish the most recent version of your survey/report. This publishing step isn't applicable for message templates