Wheel Chart instructions:

1. The wheel chart item can be added to a report by going to the content tab of a reports and clicking the 'New Content' button. 
2. Next Select 'Wheel Chart' from the list of content items. (shown below). You will then be prompted to name the item. We recommend labelling items something short but informative (ie. WHEEL_CHART). 

3. A boilerplate wheel chart will then appear in your report with some default chart options (data points) and descriptions but isn't yet linked to any survey content. To edit this item, click on the vertical ellipse icon in the top right corner of the item and click 'Edit item'. 

4. This opens the Configure Wheel Chart window. In the first section, the chart title, subtitle and formatting can be editing and adjusted. Scrolling down, you can then customize the data points, or wheel slices, that appear in the wheel (shown in detail below).  

This will be where survey responses are incorporated into the wheel chart as variables: 
  • If a single survey response is used for one data point, then that response can be used as the variable (i.e.: SURVEY.S1.ANS.WELLBEING_SCALE.ENVIORNMENTAL). 
  • If a multiple responses are used for one data point as part of a calculation, then reference that survey or report calculation instead (i.e.: SURVEY.S1.CALC.ENVIORNMENTAL_SCORE or CALC.ENVIRONMENTAL_SCORE).
5. When you've finished editing the chart option, click the pink SAVE at the bottom of the window. Be sure to click the pink SAVE button (shown below) to save all your report edits.