Class roster entries can be downloaded as an Excel, CSV or SPSS file for review and analysis. This export will include information about the case and class as well as attendance status. 

Note: The export file will not include class information on unbooked availabilities, only booked availabilities.

How to Export Class Roster Entries

First, navigate to the Classes Calendar page by clicking Classes in the main navigation menu. Then click on the export cloud, shown below. This opens the Class Roster Export window.

Next, limit this export by changing the data ranges, selecting class types and/or providers and decide if cancelled classes should be included, shown in the screenshot below. If nothing is selected in this window, all class rosters (except cancelled classes) will be exported by default.

Finally, select the file format for this export and then click EXPORT. This will automatically download a file to your computer which can also be opened by clicking on the link in the green notification banner that will appear.

Note: For larger exports, this download may take several minutes.