Survey session data can be downloaded as an Excel or SPSS file for review and analysis. This export will include information about the survey session, Case ID, survey responses and survey calculations.

How to Export Survey Data

1.Navigate to the Surveys main page by clicking Surveys in the Navigation menu.
2.Click anywhere in the row of the survey for which you'd like to export data. This will open the survey's main page.
3.Select the SESSIONS tab along the top of the page and then click the blue EXPORT button in the top right corner (see screenshot below).

4.All completed survey sessions will be selected for export by default:
  • Limit the export by the dates the survey sessions were started by using the date fields (see screenshot below). 
  • To include incomplete survey sessions, click the empty checkbox next to 'Include Incomplete'.

Select the export file format by clicking the Export Format field to open the dropdown menu.

6.Finally, select EXPORT and a survey data file will be downloaded to your computer. You can also download the file by clicking the direct link that is displayed in the green notification that appears.