If a student or staff user has forgotten their password to login to IMPACT Feedback, or their temporary password expired, their password can be reset by another staff member that has the correct role permissions to access user details. This reset will automatically send the user a new temporary password and a link to the sign into your organization.

The temporary password that new users receive will expire in 7 days for security measures. If that temporary password expires before they use it to sign into Impact Feedback, that user's password will need to be manually reset again.

Note: This password reset option only works if the user uses the standard Impact login fields (username and password) and not logging in via Single Sign On through their organization. 

How to reset a user's password

1. Navigate to the Users main page by opening Settings in the Main Navigation Menu and then select 'Users'.

2. If resetting a student users password, toggle the filter in the top left corner to *Any Role*.

3. Select the search iconin the top right corner and enter in the user's name or email.

4. Click anywhere in the row of the user to open the user's detail page.

5. Then select RESET PASSWORD option below the user information which opens a Reset User Password window.

6. Verify that the email the temporary password will be sent to is correct and then click the RESET option.