Once Survey and Class Reminders have been setup in your organization, it's helpful to review those reminders and see what reminders are pending and have been triggered (sent to students).  If you'd like to just view or edit the messages associated with your reminders, please see the 2nd video below.

NOTE: To be able to manage Reminders and Reminder Templates, the user's role must include 'Reminders' permissions. To edit the permissions of a role, please see User Roles.

Accessing Reminders & Viewing Triggered/Pending Reminders

In the video below, we'll go over how to:

  • Review your survey and class reminders from the Reminders Main Page
  • View and edit the message sent by a reminder
  • Edit or remove a reminder
  • See triggered and pending reminder notifications
  • And how to access reminders via the REMINDERS tab of a specific survey or class type

To get a better understanding of the timing, delivery type and conditions of these reminders, we recommend viewing the video tutorials on Setting Up Reminders in our Adding Survey Reminders and Adding Class Reminders solution articles.

Note: Reminders are not retroactive and will only begin pending for students that are sent a survey invitation (or are registered for a session) after the reminder is enabled.

Shortcut: Viewing and Editing Reminder Message Content

If you would like to view and edit the content of the messages sent out by these reminders, please watch the quick video below for instructions on how to do so.