I can't find a survey that I know should be listed in the Surveys Main Page.
By default, only 'Published' surveys will be displayed on your Surveys Main Page. Use the Status Filter (shown below) to display surveys that are published, unpublished, or both!

When my student (or I) click a survey invitation link, it doesn't open to the first page of the survey.
In order to start a survey over again, the Access Type of the survey will first need to be determined (please see the Manage Access portion of Survey Administration 101). 

If the survey is Invitation Only, the progress that a student has made through this survey will be saved and connected to the unique survey invitation link that was created for the student. This means even if the student opens their survey invitation link on a different computer, the survey will begin where they left off. 

If the student would like to start the survey over again, there are a couple methods to do so:

  • A new survey invitation can be sent to the student (see Survey Invitations).
  • They can click the BACK button in the lower right hand corner of the survey until they return to the first page.

If the survey is Anonymous, the progress that is made in the survey will be stored by cookies that are in your web browser. If you were to exit out of the survey prior to complete it, your browser uses those cookies to place you where you were when the survey is opened again using the survey invitation link. 

If the student or staff member would like to start the survey over again, there are a couple methods to do so:
  • Open the survey in an incognito window or in a different web browser.
  • End the session by clicking the End Session link in the bottom left corner of the survey page.