REPORTS or Feedback Reports or Personalized Feedback Reports (PFRs), can be completely customized by each organization.  PFRs are used to translate the survey responses of a particular case into a dynamic, graphic report. First Light sets up each organization with at least one Report template, which can be copied, edited, or deleted.   Navigate to Reports using the menu on the left side of the IMPACT admin. 

To create a new report, click the  + New  button. You will be prompted to name and provide a description of the report. Additionally, you must select the survey(s) that you wish to associate with the Report. Finally, choose a 'short name' to concisely identify the survey. This short name is helpful when coding the survey responses and calculations into the Feedback report.

Each report contains three tabs which are displayed near the top of the page after a Report has been selected from the navigation menu: Summary, Content, and Calculations. Each tab  can be selected to access different aspects of the Report. A description of the information available on each tab follows.

SummaryCopy, remove, edit details, and publish/unpublish your Reports from the Summary tab.  See details and screenshot of the summary tab below.

Publishing: A personalized feedback report will only be available (can be viewed by provider/student)  if it is published. When attempting to access an unpublished report, folks will receive a message 'report not found'. Select publish to select the version of the report that you want to publish (see versioning below). 

Versioning: When changes to the content or calculations of a report are made and saved, a new version of the report is created. For example, if an item is moved or deleted, and the report template is saved, then a new version of the report is created. Moreover, the previous version of the report (prior to changes) is also preserved. This is an important tool which will allow users to revert to and publish previous versions of the report (if desired). The result is the possibility of multiple versions of the report that are all preserved in the IMPACT Feedback system. 

  • Publish: Select 'PUBLISH' to publish a report that is not currently published. If there are multiple versions of the report, each version will be displayed with summary information as to when it was created/saved and by whom. Note that the most recent version "LATEST" will always appear at the top of the page. Select the version you want to publish and you will be presented with additional details about this version.
  • Unpublish: Select 'UNPUBLISH' to unpublish a report template, which will make the completed reports inaccessible (not able to be viewed). That is, you won't be able to see a case's PFR if the report is not published.
  • Re-publish: Select 'RE-PUBLISH' to publish a different version of the report. After selecting 'republish' you will be presented with various versions of the report. Select and publish the desired version (ie: 'latest').

Content: The content section is where the content of the Feedback Report can be created, edited, organized. Additionally, the content tab is where you can apply 'item' or 'page condition to show or hide content based on certain conditions (ie: Hide cannabis content for those that don't use).

Calculations: Calculations can be created within the Report designer and operate much the same as calculations built within a survey. One advantage of creating a calculation within the Report is that these calculations run each time a Feedback Report renders (is called to display). Hence, Report calculations can be added or updated after a survey is completed by a case and the updated information would generate in the Feedback Report.  However, calculations created in a Report will not be included in the Survey data download. Be sure that any Calculation (ie: AUDIT score) that you want to be included in the Survey data download exists in the Survey template.