Each user is assigned a specific role that governs their level of access to the system, or permissions. The most important consideration when assigning permissions, is the protection of sensitive Case information. First Light can work with you to create Roles for your Users to ensure they only grant access to the desired information. However, it is the responsibility of the Organization Admin(s) to review and confirm that the Role provides only the desired level of access for the Users assigned to that Role.  

By default, each organization will automatically be provided the three roles listed below. Each of these roles can be edited. However, we recommend cloning these and making changes to the newly cloned (copied) role.   


Organization Admin: Provides full access to the system, including adding new users, editing roles, and managing the organization.

Staff: Provides access to managing cases and survey invitations.

Student: Essential access to login. We recommend not making changes to this before consulting with First Light support staff.

Important: Once users have been assigned to a role, updates to that role will result in an update to the permissions for all the users assigned to that role.

To view, update, or clone a role, navigate to 'Settings' and select 'Roles'.  See video tutorial below.