View, access, edit, and manage survey pages by selecting a particular survey from the 'Surveys' menu (see navigation panel on left side). After selecting your survey select the 'Content' tab located near the top of the page. 

Navigating to pages: From any page of the survey click on 'previous' and 'next' to move backward or forward through the survey pages. 

Adding a new page: Click on the + NEW PAGE button to add a new page to your survey. You will be prompted to name the page. Type the desired name and click 'save'.

Reorder items within a page: Reorder the items (questions or text/html) within a page by clicking the two horizontal bars of a particular item and dragging and dropping it to the desired location. The horizontal bars are located in the top left corner of each item.

The following items can all be accessed and updated by clicking the ellipse located to the right of the search bar near the top of the page (see clip below). 

Reorder pages: Selecting this item will result in a pop-up window that displays each of the pages in chronological order. Simply drag and drop pages to their desired location. Click 'close' when finished.


Page Condition: This feature allows an entire page of the survey to be hidden or displayed based on a case attribute (ie: referral type),the response to a question on a previous page, or calculated variable. 

Rename page: All survey pages can be renamed. To rename survey page, navigate to the desired page and click the ellipse located to the right of the search bar near the top of the page  After clicking the ellipse you will be prompted to 'rename page'. Click on 'rename page' and then type the desired page name. Be sure to click save when finished.