Access Surveys by using the navigation panel and selecting 'Surveys'. Next, click anywhere in the row for the survey that you want to access. On the resulting page the 'summary' information tab is displayed by default. This tab provides information regarding the name, description, who created the survey, when it was last updated. etc. Additionally, manage access to the survey and publish or republish the survey. Below is a rundown of the features and concepts included on the Summary tab of Surveys.

EDIT DETAILS: Select 'EDIT DETAILS' to change the name or description of a survey. Be sure to hit 'SAVE' in order to save your changes.

MAKE A COPY: Select 'MAKE A COPY' to clone an existing survey. All content, calculations, and events will be copied. The title of the newly copied survey will be the name of the previous survey with '_COPY' appended to the end of the title.

REMOVE SURVEY: Select 'REMOVE SURVEY' to delete a survey. You will be prompted as to whether you want to permanently remove the survey. 'REMOVE' to do so. Note this will remove the survey and all survey data. Be sure to download any data you want to preserve prior to deleting a survey.

MANAGE ACCESS: Surveys can be accessed by invitation only or without invitation (anonymous). Click on 'MANAGE ACCESS' to select either 'Invitation-only' or 'Anonymous'.

  • Invitation only: The survey will only be accessible through a survey invitation sent through IMPACT Feedback. The invitation received will contain a code that is specific to the person receiving the invitation. 'Invitation only' surveys associate the completed survey with the case record. Consequently, the survey invitation and results will be available in the case record of the particular person.
  • Anonymous: The anonymous setting allows any person that is provided the web address of the survey to access and complete the survey. The web address can be posted on a department website or sent via email. Importantly, because the survey is anonymous, the survey results (including feedback report) will not be automatically associated with a case record. However, if desired, a case record can be created by programming a survey event to 'create case' upon survey completion. See Survey Events for details

PUBLISHING: A survey can only be accessed if it is published. When attempting to access an unpublished survey, folks will receive a message 'survey not found' and will be unable to take the survey. Note: Changes that have been saved to a survey will only appear for students when they are published.

Versioning: When changes to the content or calculations of a survey are made and saved, a new version of the survey is created. For example, if a question is added to a survey, or the text of a question is changed (and saved) a new version of the survey is created. Moreover, the previous version of the survey (prior to changes) is also preserved. This is an important tool which will allow users to revert to and publish previous versions of the survey (if desired). The result is the possibility of multiple versions of the survey that are all preserved in the IMPACT Feedback system. 

  • Publish: Select 'PUBLISH' to publish a survey that is not currently published. If there are multiple versions of the survey, each version will be displayed with summary information as to when it was created and by whom (see 'Select Version' screenshot below). Note that the most recent version "LATEST" will always appear at the top of the page. Select the version you want to publish and you will be presented with additional details about this version (see 'Publish Survey' screenshot below).
  • Unpublish: Select 'UNPUBLISH' to unpublish a survey, which will make the survey inaccessible.
  • Re-publish: Select 'RE-PUBLISH' to publish a different version of the survey. After selected 'RE-PUBLISH' you will be presented with various versions of the survey. Select and publish the desired version as seen in the screenshots below.