In order for any staff member to access and use IMPACT Feedback, a user account must first be created. An important aspect of creating a new user is deciding what level of access they should have. The level of access, or 'permissions' for a particular user are assigned by a 'Role'. That is, a set of permissions for a particular user or group of users is first established as a role. After a role has been created with particular permissions, any new user can be assigned that (or any existing) role. Please see Roles for more information.

To add a new user, navigate to 'Settings' in the Navigation Menu and select 'Users'. Next, click the  button. This will bring you to the 'add user' page where you will enter information for the new user (see screenshot below). 

  • Username: This must uniquely identify each user. Email address can be used as username. Important: If you are using Single Sign On (which utilizes your institutions username and password), please be sure to supply the username that designated by your IT department.
  • Email address: This field is important as any notifications sent from IMPACT for a particular user will be sent to this email address.
  • Cell/Alt phone: These fields is optional. However, if your organization uses multi-factor authentication, then a cell phone number is required.
  • Role: Selecting a role for a user is required and assigning the proper role is critical. In particular if the user should not have permissions to see sensitive information.

After completing the Add User form, click the  SAVE   button located at the bottom of the page to create the user account. This will also result in an automatic email being sent to the user providing their login information and a link to the IMPACT Feedback login page. The text of this new user email can be edited for each institution. Please see User creation and Password Reset Messages for details. 

Temporary Passwords: For organizations NOT using Single Sign On, a new user will receive a temporary password in the New User email. 
This password will expire in 7 days. If this password has expired before the user has logged in, their password will need to be reset. Please see User Password Reset for more details.