Video Meeting Integration & Scheduling Updates

Check out the new features and updates we’ve made!

Video Meeting Integrations

You can now integrate your Zoom or Microsoft Teams account with Impact! Then Impact will automatically generate a new meeting link for you for every meeting. Learn more about the Zoom integration here and more about the Teams integration here.

Scheduling Updates

We’ve streamlined the way availability is added to the calendar. These changes removed some of the steps required previously. Learn more here and check out our walkthrough video here.

Thanks for the updates Alessandra. Was wondering if there was a way I can use the system to auto send students my presentation notes, following their marked attendance? Thank you. -j

Hi Jay, thanks for following up on this update! We haven't had this request before so I'm not sure if this is currently possible but I will definitely ask our team about it. To aid in our discussion, what format are these notes in? An online document, typed out Text, or something else? Will these notes be the same after every class of that type?

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