Class Roster Export

Class roster entries can now be exported as an Excel, CSV, or SPSS file for review and analysis! Please check out our solution article on this below for more information and step by step instructions.

Class Roster Entries Export

As always, we're here to help with anything that comes up! Submit a support ticket here in our support portal and we'll follow up right away.

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2 people like this

This is great and I think it is going to be helpful for us! Thank you.

I just exported and the time is off by 5 hours on the downloaded spread sheet.

I checked our settings to make sure we had the right time zone set and it appears we do.

Can you take a little look see and let me know what you think?

Thank you!


Hi Diane,

I'm looking at this now. I'll follow up with you via email.


Just finished our end-of-year reporting and this feature was tremendously helpful!

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