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Wellness Wheel Feature Development

Our team is trying to get a better idea of what our users are looking for in a Wellness Wheel/Wheel of Wellbeing report item. We're planning to build this wheel as a report item so that the way each dimension is populated from a survey can vary, like a score entered for each dimension by a student or dimension scores calculated from a series of questions the student answers. 

Some potential wheel options we've explored are shown below. The option on the top has each dimension score connected by a continuous line and the option on the bottom has each dimension score fill a slice of the wheel. Please let us know if you prefer either of these options or if there are elements from either that you would like us to pull from. We would also like to know if you'd like the ability to change the colors of each dimension, if the dimension score should be labeled on each section and any other elements you'd like us to explore. 

Currently, we plan to have a customizable number of dimensions since not all schools use 8 dimensions and the labels of each would also be customizable.   

We really appreciate your input on this and look forward to making this wheel the best one around!

  • I prefer the bottom option that keeps the wheel structure. I also think the top one might signify that only certain dimensions are linked and not that all aspects of wellness can impact your overall health and wellbeing
  • I really would love to use the wellness wheel with some personal goal setting and to discuss holistic well-being 
  • It would be nice to be able to change the labels and to include more or less dimensions of wellness depending on your universities common language 
  • I also wonder how diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion could be incorporated into this wheel - not as a dimension of wellness but as a central or surrounding piece to the wheel that acknowledges the structural and system barriers that exist in accessing resources for individuals that have been marginalized. 

Good Morning - I am wondering when this feature will be made available? Thank you! 

Hi Michelle, We've recently released a Wheel Chart report item but haven't yet released a solution article on it because we're about to roll out a new layout for the survey and report designer. I'd be happy to help with the set up of this item in one of your reports, I'll reach out in a separate email shortly!

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