IMPACT Feedback Sponsored Development

We have plotted out a number of features that we want to develop and add to IMPACT Feedback. If there is a particular feature that you would like us to develop –one from our list or an idea of your own –we offer the opportunity to sponsor development of that feature. By sponsoring development an organization (or group of schools) can move the desired feature to the top of the development queue. In addition to prioritizing the development of the feature you can also provide input and help shape how the feature will work. To sponsor development we ask that you pledge some funds towards it to help offset our costs. You can view the current list of features in our development queue below, grouped by topic area. An excel file of these features is available for download by clicking the attachment at the end of the post.


If you are interested in sponsoring the development of a feature, have questions, or would like to request a feature not on the list below, contact Chris at

Assigned Provider
Providers can only see Cases they are assigned to. Could be done through class scheduling or standard "Provider" case field.

Bulk Delete, Bulk Archive

Allow for bulk deletion or bulk archival of Cases. Could be done through Cases main page filtering.

Multiple Referral Sources

Some have requested that we allow for multiple referral sources.
More info needed

New/Update Note Event

Addition of a note can trigger event (email notification, case flag addition, etc.)

Note Templates

Content could be built into the existing note editor or surveys could be leveraged to collect guided/structured input.
$1,944 - $4,794

Unread Case Note Indicator

Note marked as unread until it is read/opened.
Class Scheduling
Automatic Class Removal

Removal from prerequisite class auto removes case from second session.
in progress: sponsored by UMass.

Class Invitations/
Reminders to Register

Ability to invite cases to register for classes. Could be used to prompt students better in student portal, and even send reminders for them to register.

Class Lists Export

Excel download of all booked class roster entries, filterable by date range, class type or provider. Includes name of class, roster, provider, date/time, attendance result.

Copy Class Types

Class types can been duplicated and copy  will include events. 

Student Portal Customizability

Allow areas for messages/support resources. Control timing of release of Feedback Report
Feedback Reports
Additional Report Charting Types

Wellness Wheel report chart option with customizable labels and number of dimensions of wellness.

Aggregate Reporting
Part 1

Report aggregations will include mean, median and mode, min and max, frequency tables, count, and percentage.  Data will be available in survey detail view, with Excel and/or PDF export.

Aggregate Reporting
Part 2

Aggregations will be broken down into separate groups (i.e., by referral type/source). Filters will be added such as date range, referral type/source. Before & after views for multi-survey reports.

Composite Feedback Report

Single survey session can be compared against a certain group of students (i.e. Greeks, Athletes) instead of school or national norms.

Interactive Reports

Allows for text input or notes to be added to existing PFR.

Smart Phone Friendly PFR

Specific template (i.e., FL PFRv3) optimized for small screens
Community Survey Library

Provide library of Survey and Report templates that are available for import into your Organization. 

Connect to Maxient

Ability to communicate information within IMPACT Feedback to and, possibly, from Maxient.
More info needed

Connect to Point & Click

Ability to import notes from IMPACT Feedback  to Point & Click.
More info needed

Dashboard Enhancements

Ability to click on flags or other case related field to open cases main page with appropriate filter applied. Classes listed below surveys for schools using scheduler.

Email From Name Field

Ability to customize from address/name for email messages.

Global Search

Search bar in app header that can be used to find different kinds of items quickly. One search query could show top matches for cases, users, surveys and reports, etc.

Messages Display Associated Events

See what event actions, reminders a message template is currently associated with

Org Time zone Tokens

Add additional time zone tokens for organization time zone (full name, and abbreviation)

Regularly Scheduled Events

Used to for email/text events not triggered by staff or student actions. Could be used to trigger text messages weekly at specific times: ie: wed, fri, sat, 11p.

Smartphone Apps

Application that interacts with IMPACT. BAC App possibility.

Sync Calendar to Outlook/Gmail

Providers’ availability or booked sessions will be pushed to their university calendar.

Text Response Customization

Ability to customize different text reply responses.
More info needed

User Activity Tracking

Record and report on user actions. Partially in place with audit logging, which could be improved as well.
Default Survey Answers

Pre-populate responses with data from case, static values, etc. Could be used for surveys that "keep information up-to-date".

Logic Within Same Survey Page

Ability to apply conditional logic to a survey item that references a previous survey response on the same page.

Survey Preview

One page web-based look which can be saved as PDF.

Unsubmit & Edit Survey Session

Users may "unsubmit" a survey session, allowing student to re-enter session and update responses.


Can you talk to me about what the vision for Wellness Wheel report charts is? 

Hi Sarah,

We're still exploring different possibilities for this report chart. Here's an example of a wheel layout that could be developed, where each dimension score is connected by a continuous line.